About IMSG:

IMSG is a “boots on the ground” solutions provider working with Broadcast Television, Motion Picture and Print Media partners who work either permanently or temporarily in difficult conditions or unfamiliar locations.

We routinely partner with other media support companies and regional experts in your specific operating area to assure you have the specific risk assessment, support and any follow-up specialized training or technical skillset you may need to work safely.

IMSG is owned by Chris Post, a former First Responder and disaster manager of 20+ years turned Photojournalist.

About Chris Post.

First exposed to photography in the early 1980’s, I have always enjoyed capturing images of places I have been and places I want to remember and tell others about. It seems that the camera was always with me no matter where I went. On trips around the state or around the country, photographs documented my travels and memories.

The pinnacle of my personal photography was between 2001 and 2005 where I had the unique opportunity to work and live in Antarctica. The amazing scenery and experiences there could only be told to others through photography. With the availability of email and internet I was able to share my adventure through digital images. Some of these images you will find in the Antarctica gallery.

In 2012 I was awarded a First Place award in News Photography from the New Jersey Press Association and a Second Place award in News Photography from the Pennsylvania Press Association.Journalism is a second career for me. I got my start in public safety and did that for 20 years before jumping over to journalism. I specialize in covering breaking and spot news especially in situations where there is heavy law enforcement presence and or interaction with firefighters or paramedics, which nowadays is just about every large event and or disaster.Speaking the “language” of public safety, understand what is happening  I can read the environment and anticipate the pending actions. Having this edge helps me better cover the news and ultimately stay safe.

My work has been published in local news papers like the Express-Times and national publications including the New York Times and the USA Today. Chris is a contract freelance photographer with Lehighvalleylive.com / The Express-Times, Associated Press, NBC News, WFMZ-TV, WTXF Fox 29, WPVI 6ABC, New York Daily News, Reuters and the Allentown Morning Call.

Chris is a member in good standing of the National Academy of Television Arts & SciencesNational Press Photography AssociationSociety of Professional Journalists Reporters Without Borders and the Front Line Freelance Register