About IMSG:

IMSG is a “boots on the ground” solutions provider working with Broadcast Television, Motion Picture and Print Media partners who work either permanently or temporarily in difficult conditions or unfamiliar locations.

We routinely partner with other media support companies and regional experts in your specific operating area to assure you have the specific risk assessment, support and any follow-up specialized training or technical skillset you may need to work safely.

IMSG is owned by Chris Post, a former First Responder and disaster manager of 20+ years turned Photojournalist.

About Chris Post

Chris Post is an Emmy-nominated photojournalist, as well as a media safety educator and security advocate, with a background of over 20 years in the emergency services sector. Chris has worked in positions ranging from Captain of the fire department at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, to EMT at a regional level, to disaster emergency response with FEMA.

Chris transitioned to the field of journalism in 2009 picking up the camera he always loved since learning analog photography in the 1980’s. Chris is the 2020 recipient of the National Press Photographers Association’s second highest award for his work on advancing journalist safety and security initiatives.

Chris’s recent work includes the creation and delivery of a Domestic Hostile Environment first aid course for journalists, guest lecturing at multiple universities on media safety, chairing a national committee on press safety & security and participating in panel discussions related to domestic newsgathering in the United States.

As a photojournalist Chris has covered large events including the last two inaugurations, multiple political convention cycles, and the Papal visit of 201, major disasters including earthquakes in Puerto Rico, hurricanes in the Gulf states, and the politically turbulent protests of 2020.

Having a deep background in public safety and journalism allows Chris to assess, plan and manage risks for newsgathering assignments.  Whether providing safety trainings ahead of events or being embedded as part of a team for high-risk assignments, Chris enhances safety, security and guidance for news organizations. Chris has worked as a safety adviser for major motion picture and television network projects.

Chris is a member in good standing of the National Academy of Television Arts & SciencesNational Press Photography AssociationRadio Television Digital News Association, Society of Professional Journalists Reporters Without Borders and the Front Line Freelance Register

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