Domestic Hostile Environment First Aid Training (D-HEFAT)®

The Domestic Hostile Environment First Aid Training or D-HEFAT® course builds on a program started in the 1990’s that was originally designed for the Media who would be working internationally in dangerous locations like war zones.

The D-HEFAT® class is two-day, intensive safety course that covers a wide range domestic risks and hazards that are appropriate to working in unstable environments in the United States or locations where political instability, civil unrest or mass protest are prevalent.

The 2-day D-HEFAT® class is designed for journalists covering civil unrest and other assignments within the United States that may be classified as low to medium risk.

The instructors are all working journalists or safety advisers with extensive experience working in the field who also have a background in either emergency medical services, public safety or have served in the military.

The course also includes “STOP THE BLEED” emergency first-aid program, elements of personal safety, situational awareness, personal protective equipment and self care / stress management, legal issues, active shooters situations, street crimes and assault prevention.